Tv Licensing – Get The Facts

There is no denying that money is really hard to find these days. This is why, most families are now into paycheck to paycheck basis. They create a strict budget where if there are sudden expenditures that are not part of the budget, they will surely have a struggling month. This is the reason why, when the need to get a tv license is announced, a number of families reacted against it especially upon knowing that even those without tv sets also need to get the tv license. The reason of the management is the fact that tv programs can be watched online.

Are also aghast by this news? If so, you should dig deeper about this. You should call the designated office to get complete information. If you do not know the phone number for tv licence, there is an online helpline that can help. Yes, and this helpline is not really affiliated with the tv licensing agency. It is a totally separate entity and its only goal is to assist the public so that they can easily get in touch with those government or even non-government agencies they need to call just like you.

Here are some of the most important facts about tv licensing:

  • There are four ways you can pay for the tv license. They are yearly in which you can use a direct debit, credit card or debit card, quarterly in which you can also use direct debit though this time, you might be incurred with a premium charge, monthly where you can still use the direct debit and you will still be possibly charged and weekly where you can use a payment card or you can also use PayPoint outlets through phone or text messages.

  • You can get a refund if need to cancel a tv license. This should be your option if you move to another house, the account holder died, there is already a tv license in the said address, you move into someone’s house that is already with a tv license or you want to cancel the current payment scheme you use.
  • There are those that are exempted to the tv license and they are the ones who are over 75 years old. This is why, if you are already 74 years old, you should get a tv license that is just good enough until you will pass your 75th If you have eyesight problem, you should still get a tv license but this time, you will only pay half the price paid by other account holders.

  • Some of the other entities who need to get a tv license are students living separately from their parents, tenants or lodgers, business organizations and those who have second homes.

It is important that if you are one of those who need to get a tv license, you will really get one as if not, you might be penalized. If you are running a business, then your business might be closed.

Author Bio – Joe Smith is a tv licensing officer and he knows that those who won’t get a tv license will really be detected.