Everything you must know about Scrum and Kanban

A lot of people often think Scrum and Kanban are the same. While the similarities are obvious, knowing the differences is important. In this post, we will discuss both Scrum and Kanban in detail.

More about Kanban

For software engineers working with agile methodology, Kanban is more than important. When the needs and demands of the project shift on a regular basis, Kanban might be more relevant. There are many benefits of Kanban. First and foremost, it enhances and adds to the flow of delivery. It is also easy to understand and assimilate – which can be a huge advantage for engineers and developers. Also, it reduces the time cycle for each of the process and minimizes wastes too. If you are just focused on process flexibility, this is the one to go for. On the flip side, the Kanban board can be mishandled, and the older version is extremely complicated and can affect the development process. The overall board can become over-complicated, and there is no time-frame associated with every phase as expected.

More about Scrum

Scrum is a framework that works well when the project must be broken into sprints. It is more ideal for innovative and complicated projects. The framework allows the project to be split in sprints, which allows more flexibility for the development team. These sprints are nothing but milestones, so it is possible to have a tangible idea of the project development. Sprint planning is a huge advantage, but Scrum also has other benefits. The framework is much more visible, transparent and tangible, and it also helps in getting better from the them with assured accountability. The debate of kanban vs scrum is a confusing one, but there is no denying that the latter allows and accommodates changes in an easy way and may save costs. On the other hand, Scrum techniques are complicated, and the concerned team should be an experienced one. Also, any issues with the management of the project can hamper the development process. Unless the milestones have been defined aptly, the final project may suffer.

If you wish to know more on Scrum and Kanban, talk to the concerned development team and kind of the experience they have with both. They might be able to offer dedicated help on your project and may also offer case studies, so that you can understand the pros and cons in a better way. Check online now for more details on Scrum and Kanban.