6 Best Power Banks for your iPhone

For the times when you can’t find your charger or someone else is using it or simply because you’re outdoors with your iPhone’s battery dying, a power bank becomes a lifesaver, quite literally, by not letting your phone die. We will hereby look at the top 6 power banks for your iPhone that you can buy to save yourself from being stuck with a dead phone out in public.


  1. Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

Venturing into the power banks market, Apple has introduced a battery pack case for its iPhone 6/6S models, called Smart Battery Case. Available in white and charcoal gray, this is a genuine product from the house of Apple. It has an extra portion that bulges out from the back of the case where the extra battery is housed. It uses a lightning cable instead of a USB one and can give you 25+ hours of battery life.

  1. Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case –

Tylt has come up with an even more innovative and stylish looking power case after Apple’s Smart Battery Case was made fun of for having an inelegant ‘hump. ‘The battery is contained in another sleeve, and upon needing some extra power for your iPhone, you can just slide the case into the battery sleeve. The capacity varies from 2500 mAh for iPhone 5 to 3500 mAh for iPhone 6.

  1. Mophie Space Pack –

The Space Pack cases from Mophie, one of the leading manufacturers of power banks and cases are one of their most expensive products. The space pack also manages to squeeze some extra storage into your iPhone while charging it to a complete 100%. So the space pack is a pretty useful way to get the full battery, extra storage and, protection for your iPhone.

  1. Techlink Recharge 12000 –

Manufacturing external battery cases mostly, rather than charging cases, Techlink is a great brand of power bank. Its recharge 12000 will keep your iPhone running for as long as you like for it is equipped with a 12000mAh lithium-polymer battery. Equipped with such a strong battery, you can be sure that you are never running out of juice on your phone. It has two USB ports for charging two phones at a time. It is smart enough to know when your phone is fully charged to avoid overloading the battery.

  1. Braven BRV Bank –

With a bulky, tough water resistant rubber body of BRV Bank, you will need to accommodate it in your jacket or backpack. However, the size of the device means that it houses a high-capacity battery of 6000mAh, which is enough to charge your phone twice to the fullest. It comes with two USB ports for charging two devices at once, a torch for when you are struggling in the dark and a Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It can even activate and send out a Morse code SOS signal in case of an emergency.

  1. EasyAcc 15000mAh – Packed with a 15000mAh battery, this is an excellent, no exception power bank for your iPhone. Its manufacturers claim that this power bank when fully flooded with power, can charge an iPhone 6 5.5 times. So, if you’re leaving the house for a couple of days, going on a long trip, this power bank might just be what you need never to run out of power.

Now get the best power bank online for your beloved iPhone!